Often considered the foundation of our country’s economy, the globalization of the manufacturing industry has encouraged modern companies to continually explore emerging markets.


Hospitality and tourism are on the up and up. This growth is a result of individuals earning more money, and the ability to travel from place to place, country to country being easier and faster than ever before!


Online shopping has transformed the retail world into a rivaling, global forum where pricing, costs, quality, and loyalty have become essential to maintain a sustainable business.


Driven by increasing interest in sustainability and the move toward stricter governmental regulation, the construction industry is continually faced with new design challenges and expectations.

Sports & Leisure

The health of our society has been on the forefront of national concern. With an emphasis on personal wellness, fitness has made it's way to the front of social and individual priorites.

Special Projects

Marker Systems has been, and continues to be involved in a wide variety of local and national projects. These projects illustrate Marker Systems’ value for community while demonstrating effective project management skills.


The energy marketplace is ever evolving and the need for reliable market information is critical in making decisions around the energy your company needs.


The advancement of technology has globally unified the business world. With instantaneous communication, the opportunity to expand your business to national and international markets is now a reality!