Creative Restaurant Promotions That Work

In today’s economy, every business is challenged. In order to get and retain customers or clients, it’s becoming much more necessary to find creative promotions that will entice the public. In the food service industry, there are many successful promotions that have been proven to work.

Now is the perfect time to think about what potential customers have on their minds. What do they need and what do they want? Moreover, how can you get your share of the profits from the season? It’s always a good idea to decide on promotions that’ll take you through the year. Making long-range plans is both helpful and wise.

There’s nothing better to focus on than pre-game parties and tailgating. As a restaurateur, you’ll have the opportunity to put yourself in the middle of the festivities by way of the promotions you offer. A “Team Pick” promotion allows you to stay out of the fray when it comes to expressing team loyalties (unless yours are pre-set by default because you live in a college town). With this promotion, you’ll re-name certain menu items to reflect the teams playing that week. Offer discounts for the appetizers, entrees, and/or desserts for the ones with a “team name.” Change the “specials” each week to ensure more of your menu selections are highlighted. Decorate accordingly to show your team spirit for both teams. Hold a drawing to award a free meal for the person whose name is drawn from a name registration put into the winning team’s “hat.” For tailgaters, offer discounts on selected tailgate fare ordered “to go.” Again, to get more items on your menu sampled, change the discounts and choices each week.

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