Corporate Fitness and Wellness

Summary: Business owners and managers are realizing the importance of having a healthy workforce. Healthy employees are more productive and more able to meet company goals. Implementing corporate wellness and fitness programs is one way companies are ensuring they maintain healthy and productive employees. This 590-word article explains what corporate fitness and wellness programs are and gives tips on how to motivate employees to participate in these programs. It has been optimized for the key phrase, "corporate fitness and wellness".

Better Business Management: Introducing Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

In Japan, there is a prescribed exercise period (usually before work) for employees. It won't be long until the United States follows suit, although the approach may be different. With the passing of the health care reform bill, people will see a lot of changes in American health care. Many companies are already taking a more active role in their employees’ health and fitness than merely paying for their health plan. They have introduced their own corporate fitness and wellness programs.

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