Increasing Employee Job Satisfaction

Summary: Behind many successful companies are satisfied and happy employees. Employees who are satisfied with their job tend to be more motivated and strive harder to meet their company's goals. This 665-word article explains what employee job satisfaction is. It also explains how business owners or employers can determine the job satisfaction level of their employees and how they can create a satisfying work environment.

Achieving Business Success: Increasing Employee Job Satisfaction in the Workplace

Good employees are assets to any company so employers will naturally want to keep those employees. And, according to research, the primary factor in employee retention is employee job satisfaction. Job satisfaction pertains to how content and happy a person is with his job. It is not the same as job motivation but the two are closely related: a satisfied employee is motivated to do his job and a motivated employee is happy to get the job done. It follows that the more satisfied and motivated employees are, the more they want to contribute to the growth and expansion of their company.

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