Is Your Technology Really Helping Your Business?

While more than 67% of small business owners agree with the statement that technology provides them with a competitive edge, less than one third of respondents, or only 21%, feel that their own firms are on the cutting edge of technology.

What that means is that, by their own admission, more than two thirds of small business owners feel that their own technology lags behind that of their rivals, putting them and their businesses at risk.

But as a business owner, how do you make the most of the technology that is available in the marketplace without breaking the bank? And perhaps just as importantly, how do you truly know that your own business is ahead of the competition and not just treading water?

After all, technology is changing every single day, and even those in the IT industry often find it difficult to keep up. Imagine the difficulty business owners who are less technically savvy must be having, and how uncertain their futures must be.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep up with the latest technology and make sure your company always has access to the latest computer technology, the fastest servers and the most professional looking websites. By outsourcing your IT services to a third party expert, you can relieve yourself of the burden of managing your own technology, and the risk that something could go terribly wrong.

When you outsource your IT services to an expert, you are relying on those who are truly leaders in their fields. Those IT experts are dedicated to keeping your network up and running, and they employ all manner of proactive tools to make that happen. By constantly monitoring your network and finding problems before your customers do, you can make sure your company and its resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter when your customers want to reach you.

If you are not outsourcing your IT services, you could be leaving your data, and your very company, at risk. Unless you are an IT expert with plenty of experience in data security, server building, website design and network topology, there is simply no way you can keep pace with the ever changing world of technology.

As a small business owner, you already have plenty of jobs to do. Unlike a big business, with multiple layers of bureaucracy and many different people who can handle a given crisis, small businesses have no such luxury. As the business owner, you are responsible for everything from making sure there is enough money to pay your employees to giving 110% to all of your clients. With so much on your plate, handing off your IT services and technology needs to real experts makes a great deal of sense.