Marker Systems

The parent company of our family owned and operated businesses (listed below).

Jaco Custom Grinding

Custom Grinding OperationFounded over 35 years ago - Jaco specializes in high volume grinding of materials for specific needs. Jaco processes turn hard materials into powders of different sizes based on the customer's need. Our employees are experts at handling many different materials while avoiding any cross contamination of the materials. Additionally we produce a very high yield of processed material.


Diamond Tool Company USA
Located near Niagara Falls, New York - Niabraze has over 30 years experience in electroplated and brazed diamond and CBN abrasive coatings. Among our specialties is the manufacturing of diamond band saw blades up to 60 feet and large diameter circular saw blades up to 48 inches. Niabraze products are made in the USA products are used worldwide. To learn more visit the Niabraze Website.


Corian Fabrication NY
For more than 20 years, Rave has done high volume fabrication work of Solid Surface material. Our expert fabricators use efficient processes to tackle fabrication of different materials and products.

Kean Diamond Wire

Diamond Wire in the U.S.
Kean Diamond Wire Corporation manufactures of fixed abrasive diamond saw wire, which is used for the slicing of hard, brittle, or expensive materials. To learn more about Kean Diamond Wire please visit the Kean Website

Rivermist Storage

Public Storage in Tonawanda
Our goal at Rivermist is to provide secure, reliable, and affordable storage space to the residents of Western New York. To learn more about Rivermist Storage, please visit the Rivermist Website.